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Subscribe Hotstar VIP with $5 Hotstar Deal to watch IPL

Disney+ Hotstar is available in India at a rate of around $20 per annum subscription. (That’s the updated monthly rate. Hotstar paid about $13 before Disney+’s launch in India.) The company also provides a lower-priced package that costs only $5 a year and much less with a Hotstar promo code.

And for that $20 a year, Disney+ Hotstar subscribers get access to a wide-ranging library that provides access to Disney Originals in English as well as many local languages, live sports events, scores of television networks, and thousands of movies and programs, including those from HBO, Showtime, ABC and Fox that retain syndication relationships with the Indian streaming service. This makes the  Hotstar $5 Offer appealing and budget-friendly to watch Hotstar IPL.

This membership allows you access to all of our exclusive games (including Disney+ games) that are available on the web as well as the titles that we’ll be bringing in the future. One can watch Unrestricted Live Sports (Cricket, Hotstar IPL, Pro Kabaddi League, ISL, Tennis Grand Slams, Premier League, Bundesliga, F1 & more), the new video premiers of movies, Disney+ Originals, famous Disney movies & children’s shows (in English & select Indian languages), Hotstar Specials, and Star series before TV. Please notice that the premium content we will provide is subject to the privilege of viewing compatible with us. This means that we will not have the right to watch certain seasons of a series, or that we will only have a limited number of latest episodes available.

At about one-third of the Premium Package, the Hotstar VIP package is much cheaper and allows you access only to all the sports entertainment and other Indian entertainment (TV shows and movies). This package was launched to give viewers a cheaper alternative to watch sports content on Hotstar during the IPL 2019 season. It also serves to expose you to paying content on Hotstar as a perfect way to. Hotstar now has its collection of original shows known as ‘Hotstar Specials,’ in collaboration with Applause Entertainment from the Aditya Birla Company. Hotstar spends capital to create such original products to deal with its rivals.