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Sling TV Latest Offer – Save $10 on first month subscription

Sling TV has come up with an interesting offer for all new subscribers in the USA.

Now users can save $10 on a first-month subscription by using Promo Code SLINGER83

That’s right. Save $10 on any package. Do not forget to take advantage of this offer its gone.

How to avail of this offer:

  1. Visit https://www.sling.com/deals/promo
  2. Enter code “SLINGER83” and press on redeeming….then press on click here (same button name changes)
  3. Signup with email id
  4. Select view international programming (yellow button)
  5. And choose Willow Cricket pack (OR any other International pack as interested)
  6. Then you see the payment page with $10 OFF
  7. Setup the Subscription with a Credit card and you are done


That’s all. You are all set for year-long entertainment and sports content.

This is a great deal and the Sling TV Promo Code SLINGER83 will save you $10 anyway. So, don’t delay and get your subscription TODAY!!