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Hotstar Latest Offer – Save $5 with code HOT20

This June Hotstar has come up with an New interesting offer for new subscribers in USA.

Hotstar is now offering their premium subscription for $44.99 (Regular Price $50) when you apply hotstar promo code HOT20

Hotstar promo code

How to avail this offer:

  1. Logon to https://us.hotstar.com/subscribe
  2. Select $49.99 Sports & Entertainment Annual Package.
  3. Enter your name, valid email address and password and click on “Sign Up” button
  4. Enter your credit or debit card details
  5. Click on “Have a Promo Code?” link 
  6. Here, enter the promo code HOT20 correctly and click “Apply”
  7. Accept the terms and conditions check box.
  8. Your final cost will be $44.99 plus tax
  9. Click on “Start Membership”

Hotstar discount

That’s all. You are all set for yearlong entertainment and sports contents. 

As previous Remit2India and IGP offers have expired, this new offer is very attractive to get hotstar discount. 

Hotstar Coupon Code

This is a great deal and the hotstar coupon code HOT20 will save you $5 anyway. So, don’t delay and get your subscription TODAY!!

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