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How to use Hotstar $5 Offer Promo Code?

Nowadays people are watching a lot of content online. Their schedule is too tight to see the content on the television on the time mentioned. So, people prefer to get applications or use platforms wherein the content can be displayed anytime. You will need just a simple internet connection. Hotstar is one of the most prominent platforms wherein you get a whole bunch of online content. There are many television series of the star group and many movies too. You can watch them anytime and anywhere with Hotstar $5 Offer.

Hotstar is India’s largest platform streaming all the drama and movies. It offers videos in 17 Indian languages. It is a wholly-owned subsidy of star India which was launched in February 2015. It is the best platform to foster on-demand video service. Right from popular tv series to movies, cricket matches, news, etc., Hotstar offers it all. The platform offers series according to your choice like action, romance, thriller, comedy, etc. It is available on Web, Android, iOS, and Apple TV platforms. The application is currently available in India, USA, and Canada.

Much content is available for free on the website but some shows and movies are paid. For that, you will be needing a Hotstar premium subscription. The plans for taking Hotstar premium varies in terms of time and money. The plans are as follows:

  • The basic plan is for 199 INR which is valid for one month
  • The yearly subscription of Hotstar premium is for 999 INR

7 days trial period is also available while using the premium account.

While buying the subscription one can also apply for Hotstar $5 deal promo code to reduce the price of the paid subscription. The steps for applying promo code are as follows:

  • Go to the website www.hotstar.com Click on login. You can also log in through your email ID or Facebook ID.
  • Enter a strong password and click on create an account.
  • Go to my account and click on start subscription.
  • Here you will be asked to choose the plan
  • Enter your debit or credit card details.
  • Click on apply promo code
  • Enter the promo code.
  • Click on start membership.

This process will help you to get the best deal of Hotstar and that too at a cheap rate with Hotstar $5 deal. So, what are you waiting for? Take the membership today!