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How and where to watch IPL Matches

Hotstar IPL

There is a lot of craze for IPL in the world. Thus, it is not possible for every cricket lover to get a premium pack of Disney + Hotstar. So today I am going to tell you through this post how to watch IPL Live cricket matches, I will tell you about the top live streaming application, so let’s start.

How to watch IPL 2020 live cricket match?

Whether it’s a child or an old person, everyone is crazy about the Hotstar IPL and everyone is eagerly waiting for it. There are many applications available on the Play Store to watch IPL. With which you can watch IPL live. So today we know about such a top live streaming application.


Hotstar is the best way to watch IPL Live cricket matches. If you want to watch IPL live cricket matches online on PC, then Hotstar has a website. You watch live cricket matches on Hotstar.com. And if you don’t mobile and want to watch live IPL cricket matches on mobile then you can use the Hotstar Android application. You can easily download this application from Playstore and, watch IPL cricket matches live.

How to watch an IPL cricket match on PC? 

To watch live cricket matches on PC, visit Hotstar’s website Hotstar.com.

Now in the Top Navigation Menu, you have to select Sport >> Cricket. After this, you have to click on the match which will be live. As soon as you click on cricket, the live cricket match will start in front of you.

How to watch an IPL cricket match on mobile?

For the first you from the Play Store Hotstar after having to download the application, and download if you take it Open | and Sport >> Cricket choose to | Then you watch the match click the icon is to | Your live cricket match will start as soon as you click on it. In this way, you can watch IPL Live cricket matches on Hotstar.