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Covid-19 will be checked every fifth day of the players during IPL

Players and officials will not be allowed to meet each other at the hotel during the first week in the UAE. They will be allowed to practice in a bio-secure environment only after the investigation has come negative three times.

Players and associate members participating in the New Delhi Indian Premier League (IPL) will have to come to the Covid-19 test five times negative before starting practice in the UAE. After the tournament starts, they will have to undergo coronavirus screening every fifth day.

A BCCI official said that all Indian players and support staff would have to undergo the Covid-19 RT-PCR test twice in a span of 24 hours a week before joining their respective teams in India.

Positive, then 14-day isolation

will be followed by players (in India only) for 14 days. If the result of a person comes positive in the test, then he will remain in isolation for 14 days. For IPL starting from 19 September, the Covid-19 RT-PCR test will have to be negative twice in 24-hour intervals after the end of its isolation period for the UAE to depart.

No security compromises

“After reaching UAE, the players and support staff will have to undergo a three-week Covid-19 test while in isolation for a week,” the official said. After coming negative three times, he can enter the biologically secure environment and start the practice. In this case, minor changes can be made in this protocol based on feedback from teams, but no compromise will be made with the safety of players and team officials.

IPL thrill from September 19, finals on November 10

Players are not allowed to meet

During the first week’s stay in the UAE, players and officials of the teams will not be allowed to meet each other in the hotel. They will be allowed to practice in the biologically safe environment of the tournament only after the investigation has come negative three times.

When asked about foreign players also reaching Corona Test foreign players directly to UAE, he said, “All foreign players and support staff will also have to undergo a Covid-19 RT-PCR test before flying to the UAE.” They can only fly when their test report is negative. If this does not happen, they will have to remain in isolation for 14 days and have to be negative in coronavirus test twice.

UAE government can also conduct tests

In the UAE, players and support staff will be examined on the first, third, and sixth days during isolation. After being negative in this, they will be examined every fifth day in the tournament lasting 53 days. In addition to the BCCI testing protocol, teams can conduct additional tests on their own under rules governed by the UAE government.

The decision to keep the family together

BCCI has asked teams on teams not to fly before August 20, so that they do not have trouble carrying out the necessary testing protocols and isolation exercises if needed. The BCCI has left it to the teams to decide on the players’ families and associates. For this, they too have to follow strict bio-safe protocols.

Conditions for the family

IPL Boards will not allow the family to meet anyone outside the bio-safe environment. They have to take care of social distance while meeting other players’ families. They always have to put on masks. “Families will not be allowed to enter the field during the match or practice, except for the players and match officials,” the official said.

Broke the protocol?

He said, “Anyone who violates the bio-safe protocol will have to keep himself in isolation for seven days.” To come back in a bio-safe environment, they have to come negatively on the sixth and seventh day of the Covid-19 investigation.