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Countdown of IPL Playoff

The season of IPL 2020 has reached the last round. Three teams have confirmed their place for the playoffs. While a team will be decided on Tuesday in the last league match of the tournament. The three teams that have so far qualified for the playoffs are Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Usually, in any cricket, football, or hockey tournament, the semi-final is played before the final. But the rules in IPL are slightly different. Playoffs are played here, not semi-finals. Let’s try to understand how the playoffs are different from the semi-finals.


When did the playoffs start in the IPL?

Like the first cricket tournament in the Hotstar IPL, the semi-finals and finals were funded. The entry of the four top teams was directly in the semi-finals. Then the final was played after this. But in 2011 the playoffs were made for the first time. Let us know that in New Zealand, the playoffs are very popular in rugby league and then in football league of Australia. In view of this, the BCCI also started it in the IPL.


What is different in the playoffs?

Like the semi file, here too, the top four teams are given entry in the points table. In the semi-final formula, only two matches are played to reach the finals – the first semi-final between the first and fourth teams and the third and fourth team in the points table in the second semi-final. But in the playoffs, there are three matches before the finals – first qualifier, eliminator, and second qualifier.


IPL Playoff Race:

On Monday, Delhi Capitals defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) by 6 wickets and confirmed their place in the playoffs.


New Delhi. After 55 matches in the IPL, 3 teams have been confirmed in the playoffs. The last league match of the current season will be played today. This is the match that will decide which will be the fourth team in the playoffs. This time the playoff fight has been very interesting. Only Mumbai Indians confirmed the first place for the playoffs. The remaining three teams had to sweat a lot to reach the last four.


These three teams are confirmed

On Monday, Delhi Capitals clinched a place in the playoffs by defeating Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 wickets. With this win, the Delhi team reached the second position in the points table with 16 points. The team of Mumbai Indians is on top with 18 points in 13 matches. In such a situation, on Thursday, Delhi will compete with Mumbai in the first qualifier. On the other hand, the RCB team has also qualified for the playoffs on the basis of net run rate.


Who among the KKR and Sunrisers? 

Today, the last league match of the IPL will be played. Sunrisers will take on Mumbai Indians in this match. Victory and defeat to Mumbai will not matter. But for the Sunrisers, this is a do or die battle. A defeat would mean a way out of the tournament. If the Sunrisers lose, KKR will get entry directly into the playoffs.

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