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Television has been digitalized in very recent years. Hotstar is one of the first digitalized TV networks. Hotstar lets the viewers watch all of the TV series and non-fiction from everywhere, every time of the day. Enter the Hotstar brand at prices not burning a hole in the wallet. And now and then Hotstar comes […]

Nowadays people are watching a lot of content online. Their schedule is too tight to see the content on the television on the time mentioned. So, people prefer to get applications or use platforms wherein the content can be displayed anytime. You will need just a simple internet connection. Hotstar is one of the most […]

Some people love watching movies and web series and some others like watching tv shows or sports. For every single person who wants to watch something on their phone, Hotstar is the best place for them. Hotstar is an online video streaming platform that is available to you for a binge-watch. You can watch movies, […]

Hotstar is a video streaming service that streams live sports, Indian TV shows, and Movies. They have content in eight Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and Malayalam.
Unlike YuppTV, Hotstar doesn’t have packages. You pay for a premium membership, which gives you access to their content.