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Best Hotstar Deals for Disney+ shows

Disney is one of the favorite platforms for children. Right from the latest animated movies to all the latest cartoon shows, everything is available on the platform. Disney+ Hotstar is an initiative of Novi digital entertainment. It is popular in countries like USA, Canada, UK, and India. The platform is famous for telecasting some of the exclusive content related to various genres like romance, animated, thriller, biopic, autobiography, action, comedy, mythology, etc. Disney + has been launched recently which incorporated content mainly for children.

The platform showcases the content in 8 local languages of India. It is an apt solution for entertainment for people of every age. The content can be accessed through the website that is www.hotstar.com or through the Hotstar app that is available on both the platforms that are iOS and Android.

Some content is free of cost on the website while some can be accessed only after getting the annual subscription of Disney+ Hotstar. The annual Disney+ Hotstar premium plan costs you around $9.99 per year. The best part of it is that you get access to the latest content and that too without ads. To make it even better, there are many Hotstar US deals available on the internet which makes the price even less. All you need to do is to find a Hotstar promo code from some relevant source. You can use HOT20 for the maximum benifit.  

Here are the steps to get Hotstar deals at less price:

  • Go to the website www.hotstar.comClick on login. You can also log in through your email ID or Facebook ID.
  • Enter a strong password and click on create an account.
  • Go to my account and click on start subscription.
  • Here you will be asked to choose the plan
  • Click on apply promo code
  • Enter the promo code which will give you Hotstar $5 Offer
  • Enter your debit or credit card details.
  • Click on start membership.

That’s it! Getting the subscription is very easy. It takes a few minutes. It is a great source of entertainment which will give you a medium to pass your free time. So what are you waiting for? Take the subscription today!